Our Mission

PDCRS strengthens the community by helping people to achieve their maximum potential through the provision of quality supports and services that meet identified needs.



Accountability – PDCRS seeks to reflect the community in its staff and Board, and to be proactive in reporting to and receiving feedback on its work.

Accessibility – PDCRS seeks to be inclusive in its approach and to ensure that its services are offered in a setting and manner that makes them as accessible as possible for those who need them most.

Respect – PDCRS seeks to act in a manner that recognizes, affirms and promotes the individual dignity, autonomy, capacity and responsibility of those we serve, and of our mutual interest in seeking to achieve excellence and the common good.

Integrity – PDCRS seeks to act with professionalism, to be intentional in undertaking projects that directly relate to the Mission, to work in a manner that reflects best practices in relation to both service and ethical standards.

Collaboration – PDCRS seeks to work in partnership with its participants and to engage in a collegial manner with a creative network of individuals, community organizations and public institutions that are democratic, dedicated to service, and oriented to achieving real and sustainable solutions.


Public Service – PDCRS seeks to provide a broad range of services addressing the diverse needs of the community through programs, information and support systems and person-centred, strength-based services.

Advocacy – PDCRS undertakes to provide a voice for disadvantaged persons in order to influence community attitudes and public policies to assert the recognition and rights of the persons and groups it seeks to benefit and serve.

Excellence – along with delivering practical services, PDCRS undertakes to stimulate and contribute to learning, innovation, and development of current best practice in its fields of work.

Contribution – In all its activities, PDCRS works to make a difference – to increase opportunities for and enhance the ability of individuals and groups to participate fully in the community.